The Hoisty Hopper is the perfect way to move stone and gravel directly from the truck to the roof. The hopper door is hydraulically or manually powered for easy operation.

Specifications | General Description
 Capacity1 cu. yd.
 Weight380 lb
 ApplicationHoisty Hopper
General Description
  • 1 yard capacity
  • Perfect in high traffic areas, unloads large amounts of material in less time
  • Handles a variety of free flowing industrial materials
  • Heavy steel construction…high quality, USA made
  • No choke throat on all hoppers…manual and hydraulic models available
  • Industrial Forklift Hoppers – Roof Bulk Material Handling Hopper Crane Attachments

Manual operation; 1 yard loose material hopper.

Now 1 yard capacity and fork pockets.

Heiden Inc., reserves the right to change these specifications without notice and without incurring any obligation to relating to such changes.