HC20-TG-78-45 HC20-TG-3-42

Storm & Trash Grapples


Heiden’s line of durable storm and trash grapples can pick up almost anything. Standard 11-ton continuous hydraulic rotation provide a versatile solution for recycling centers, municipal waste, and hurricane cleanup. These tough, field tested products come in a range of sizes and styles that will improve productivity and help your bottom line

ProductWeight (Without Rotator)Weight (With Rotator)Width  
HC60-TG 55/24500 lb560 lb24"View Product>
HC20-TG-78/451,190 lb1,320 lb78"View Product>
HC20-TG 4/42950 lb1,080 lb42"View Product>
HC20-TG 4/36850 lb980 lb36"View Product>
HC20-TG 3/601,210 lb1,340 lb60"View Product>
HC20-TG 3/421,030 lb1,160 lb42"View Product>

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