HC20-A-3 HC20N-A-3-OPEN

Bypass Grapple


Available in three different styles: compact, dual cylinder, and single-cylinder European style models. Heiden is sure to have a model to fit your needs.

ProductWeight (Without Rotator)Weight (With Rotator)Capacity  
HC60-DP1,350 lb1,480 lb16”-24” diaView Product>
HC20N-A-3690 lb750 lb1/3 CordView Product>
HC20-A-4700 lb715 lb1/4 CordView Product>
HC20-A-3750 lb810 lb1/3 CordView Product>
HC20-A-2.5800 lb850 lb2/5 CordView Product>
HC20-A-2940 lb900 lb1/2 CordView Product>

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