Heiden Introduces New Super Trash Grapple with 75% Greater Capacity!

Heiden Crane Attachments, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new product, the Super Trash Grapple (HC20-TG-78/45). Built on the legacy of our HC20 Series Trash Grapple, the new Super Trash Grapple is bigger, stronger, and ready for anything.

75% Larger Holding Capacity

You asked, and we listened. We’ve introduced an entirely new jaw shape with a much larger opening. The new jaws open to a load-grasping 78 inches, which allows for a significantly greater holding capacity—75% greater than our 42” trash grapple!

Bigger Tines

Bigger is better, right? For the new Super Trash Grapple, we super-charged the high tensile steel tines, increasing their size to one-inches thick, and introduced a unique placement—the new tines extend through the inside of the grapple. This means slippery, messy items that might have fallen out in the past can now be captured and moved with ease. We’ve also added extra stiffeners to help reinforce the jaws, making them more rigid, more durable, (and let’s be honest—they look awesome). And of course, the new Super Trash Grapple is made from the same high-quality materials as the original, for the toughness and durability you’ve come to expect from Heiden.

Interchangeable Design

If you already own (and love) the original Heiden trash grapple, we have more exciting news: we’ve made the new jaws with an interchangeable design, so there’s no need to replace your trusty HC20-TG 4/42, HC20-TG 4/36, HC20-TG 3/60, or HC20-TG 3/42. You can simply upgrade the jaws to take advantage of the new features and greater volume load capacity.


The first units have been field-tested coast-to-coast with a few select customers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Loads of Benefits

High volume tree service or storm debris cleanup / remediation crews will thank us:

  • Greater volume = fewer picks on your loader
  • Fewer re-grasps = huge time savings
  • Fewer picks, fewer re-grasps, and more volume = more trips (and a bigger payday!)
  • Already have a Heiden trash grapple? Save money with an upgrade by simply replacing the jaws.

Order Now

Don’t delay: order your Heiden Super Trash Grapple today. Thanks to Heiden’s industry-leading turnaround time, you’ll soon be saving time and improving your bottom line.


Have an idea for an enhancement or new Heiden product that would make your life easier? Talk to your dealer—we’re constantly looking for new ideas to innovate and improve our products to better serve you.