HC20-TG 70-48lp hc20-tg lp


HC20-TG 70-48lp
hc20-tg lp

The HC20-TG-70/48 Series of trash and recycling grapples are available in multiple sizes and are designed with large flat 70″ openings to handle large bulky debris.

  • A tough, rigid design with fully wrapped jaws to minimize debris hang up. Standard jaw width is 48”.
  • 3000 psi 3 ½” bore cylinders protected by the wrap insures a positive grip on any load.
  • 11 ton HD continuous rotation standard
  • 8 tine design for unparalleled rigidity and durability
  • Made the USA
Specifications | Dimensions
 Weight (Without Rotator)1,030 lb
 Weight (With Rotator)1,160 lb
 Capacity1/3 Cord